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I think it would appeal to both. Great cover!

Comment by Jillian (@JillCFlanagan)

Sexy and mysterious – appeals to me!

Comment by Sandy

Love the cover! It rocks!


Comment by Lawna

My teen loved the art. Intense and mysterious. She wants to read it. 🙂

Comment by Kelly

mysterious . . .

Comment by suzannestenglS

Oh, yum! More good stuff from this very talented author.

Comment by Vicki Chatham

and sexy . . .

Comment by Suzanne Stengl (@suzannestengl)

Stunning. sexy gorgeous…

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome! I love the cover on the book and the graphics.

Comment by Vickie Freund Yakiwchuk

The cover is great but it’s dark. The guy looks evil. If he’s not, then how about his face revealed or have a ‘good’ symbol next to the dagger? Make him more conflicted. And yeah, I can see it appealing to both boys and girls.

Comment by M.K.Stelmack

Love the cover and website Tawny! Keep on rock’n it!

Comment by Robert Forseth

Looks awesome! My 16 yr old niece loved it too. Can’t wait to read it.

Comment by kymbermorgan

Wow…your cover is so dark and edgy. I love it. Sure I’m not a teenage boy so I can’t give any feedback on that but it is stunning.

Comment by Jenna Howard

Oh totally love the sounds of your book. Great cover!

Comment by Renee Pace (@ReneePaceYA)

Love the sound of this, looks great

Comment by Nicole M

Love the cover. I will check out the kindle edition on Amazon.
Kathi h from the IrI loop

Comment by Kathi Robb Harris

Just read Demon Whisperer! Once again you’ve knocked it out of the park. Keep writing Ms. Stokes, and we’ll keep reading. 😀

Comment by Shyla Colt

Like others have said, LOVE your cover! Who is the artist?

Comment by Denise

Please add me to youe distribution lsts

Comment by Alan

hey ive just read static and just wanted to say it was great, i loved the characters salem and trevor and it was an amzing read. I was just wondering if there was going to be a sequel at any point?? thanks, kate.

Comment by kate

i read static on wattpad, and it is super good.

Comment by Brooke

Hello Tawny. It’s been a long time since we talked. I still meet up with some of the guys and your name and occupation came up. It looks like all is going well. Good to see. Let’s try to catch up sometime.


Comment by Sepp Muhlberger

hello first I would like to say that “Demon Whisperer” was a KICK ASS book and I was wondering when you were going to come out with the next one “AMERICA’S NEXT TOP ZOMBIE”
I mean it would be really good so please consider it.

Sincearly your fan,

Comment by Anonymous